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Matthew's Publications and Presentations

McConatha, J. Tahmaseb, Volkwein-Caplan, K., Vita, M.E., Mauriello, M., & DiGregorio, N. (2009).  American and German men and women discuss retirement: A qualitative study.  The Open Psychology Journal, 2, 33-39.


     Link: The Open Psychology Journal


Pipan, M., & Mauriello, M. (2008, July).  Behavior modification techniques.  Presented at the annual Disorders of the Corpus Callosum Conference in Cherry Hill, NJ.


     Link: DCC Conference Video


Mauriello, M., & McConatha J. Tahmaseb. (2007). Relations of humor with perceptions of stress.  Psychological Reports, 101, 1057-1066.


     Link: Psychological Reports


Mauriello, M., Forry, M.E., Condon, L.P., & Bonifazi, D. Zotter (2007). Hazardous drinking as a predictor of binge eating. Presented at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in Philadelphia, PA. 


McConatha, J. Tahmaseb, & Mauriello, M. (2006, June). Constructing a meaningful retirement. Presented at the Fourth International Conference of the Dialogical Self in Minho, Portugal. 


Mauriello, M., & McConatha, J. Tahmaseb. (2006, May). An investigation of the relationship between style of humor, life satisfaction and perceptions of stress. Presented at the Association for Psychological Science 18th Annual Convention in New York, NY.


McConatha, J. Tahmaseb, & Mauriello, M. (2006). African American men confront retirement. In Cook, K., & Gilbert, K (Eds.). Life on the Margins: Implications for Health Research. Frenchs Forest, Australia: Pearson Education Australia.


McConatha, J. Tahmaseb, Volkwein, K., Mauriello, M., & Vita, M. (2005, June). Hopes and Plans for Retirement: A comparative study of men and women from the United States and Germany. Presented at the Canadian Psychological Association Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada. 

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Relations of Humor and Perceptions of Stress (2007)
Psychological Reports, 2007, 101, 1057-1[...]
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African American Men Confront Retirement (2006)
African American Men Confront Retirement[...]
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