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The Mauriello Group offers testing and assessment services for comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.


Clients are often interested to learn how their functioning compares to that of others.  Assessment has many academic, occupational, forensic, and clinical applications.  Common examples can include diagnostic assessments to determine whether or not someone needs an accommodation because of the presence of a condition, to establish an accurate diagnosis, to determine a course of treatment, to determine a response to treatment, or to uncover a deeper understanding about oneself.  


Our staff have been trained on a variety of personality, behavioral, and intellectual tests for use on both children and adults.  


Our available testing and assessment options with included services and fees** are listed below.  We offer competitive rates with excellent service and well-written reports. 

Adult Diagnositc Services

Package Fee

Personality & Diagnostic Assessment



 - Fee includes:

   1) Personality Asssessment Inventory™ (PAI)  -or-

       Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-2 (MMPI®-2) -or-

       Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured                    Form®  (MMPI-2-RF®) -or-

       Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI®-IV)

   2) Clinical interview session and feedback session

   3) Interpretive & diagnostic report



Intellectual & Cognitive Assessment



- Fee includes:

   1) Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales™, Second Edition

   2) Test of General Reasoning Ability™

   3) Clinical interview session and feedback session

   4) Interpretive & diagnostic report


ADHD Asssessment


 - Fee includes:

   1) Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning® (BRIEF)  

       - Self-Report Form and/or Other Report Form

   2) Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales™ (CAARS)

       - Self-Report Form and/or Other Report Form

   3) Clinical interview session and feedback session

   4) Interpretive & diagnostic report 



Career Counseling / Vocational Assessment



 - Fee includes:

   1) Campbell™ Interest and Skill Survey® (CISS) -or-

        Self-Directed Search® (SDS) -or-

        Career Thoughts Inventory™ (CTI)

   2) Clinical interview session and feedback session

   3) Interpretive & diagnostic report


Child Diagnostic Services

Package Fee
Personality Assessment (ages 12-18)  $500.00

- Fee includes:

  1) Personality Assessment Inventory™–Adolescent (PAI-A)  -or-

      Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory®-Adolescent      

  2) Clinical interview with parent(s) and adolescent

  3) Interpretive & diagnostic report

  4) Feedback session



Intellectual & Cognitive Assessment (ages 10-18)



Fee includes:

   1) Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales™, Second Edition

   2) Test of General Reasoning Ability™

   3) Clinical interview session and feedback session

   4) Interpretive & diagnostic report



ADHD Assessment (ages 6-18)



- Fee includes:

  1) Conners Third Edition™

       - Parent Rating Form & Teacher Rating Form

  2) Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning® (BRIEF)  

       - Parent Rating Form & Teacher Rating Form

  3) Clinical interview with parent(s) and child

  4) Review of records (i.e., academic, clinical, etc.)

  5) Interpretive & diagnostic report 

  6) Feedback session  



Diagnostic Assessment (ages 6-18)



- Fee includes:

  1) Conners Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scales (CCBRS)

      - Parent Report Form, Teacher Report Form, & Self-Report Form 

  2) Clinical interview with parent(s) and child

  3) Review of records (i.e., academic, clinical, etc.)

  4) Interpretive & diagnostic report

  5) Feedback session  


Frequently Asked Questions:


"Are diagnostic evaluations covered by insurance?"  

The short answer is, yes, most insurance plans cover what is known as psychological testing.  Since assessment services can be expensive and time-consuming, most insurance plans put limits on what they cover.  Here are the common limits:

  • Preauthorization Some plans require a preauthorization for testing.  This might include a referral or prescription from a physician.  It might also mean that paperwork needs to be sent to your plan explaining why testing is needed.
  • Medical Necessity All plans only cover what they deem to be medically necessary.  That means services that diagnose an illness or condition in order to treat its symptoms.  The burden of proof is on the member or the healthcare provider why just an interview would not be enough to diagnose and treat a condition.  This also means that assessment services would not be covered if they are for the following reasons:
    • Learning disabilities or academic concerns
    • Educational accommodations
    • Workplace accommodations
    • Legal matters, both criminal and civil
    • Pre-employment screenings
    • Elective medical procedures
    • Confirm an existing or established medical condition
  • Providers While psychological testing is meant to be performed by "a physician or other qualified health professional," the insurance plan determines who is qualified.  Some plans allow any licensed healthcare provider to perform these services.  Other plans limit these services to licensed psychologists only.  Some plans have other ways they determine who is qualified.  Your plan may limit who can perform these services.


"Why is testing so expensive?"

Diagnostic tests take years to develop with thousands of people surveyed to make them.  Tests are also copyrighted and tightly protected to make sure they remain able to measure what they are designed to do.  This means these tests and their materials cost a lot of money.


"Can I have a copy of those questions I took?"

No, because the questions are copyrighted and belong to the publisher.  Only the publisher or a court order can allow those questions to be copied.


"Can I have a copy of my results?"

Yes, absolutely!  All of our diagnostic services come with a written report of your results, and a feedback session on what those results mean for you.


"Are my results guaranteed?"

No, we cannot guarantee anyone the result they want.  Any professional that promises results from testing is misleading you.  This means your results will not stand up to scrutiny from your physician, school, employer, or court.


"Do I have to share a lot of details?"

Yes, and commit to a lot of effort.  Good results come from good effort.  Diagnostic tests often challenge clients and their limits.  It's important to stay open, truthful, consistent, and motivated to ensure accurate results.


"What if I give the wrong answer?  Will I look crazy, or stupid?"

No, people make mistakes.  Questionnaires about what you think and what you do never have right or wrong answers because they look for your opinion.  Tests that measure skills are designed so that most people are not able to answer every question correctly, especially when they are timed tests.


"How do I prepare for these tests?"

There is nothing to study or look at before testing.  Make sure you are well-rested, well-fed, and well-hydrated when it comes time for your appointment.  If you're not feeling well, reschedule with us. 


"How can one little test that takes a few minutes judge me?"

It can't.  It's just one piece of information that when combined with others helps give a professional a better understanding of you.  And no client is ever judged at our practice.

**All fees for all services are subject to change without notice.  Feel free to contact us about any questions related to fees or your ability to pay for counseling and/or other services.  A current fee schedule for all services available by provider type is available upon request.  This information is required by the Pennsylvania State Board of Social Workers, Marriage & Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors, which regulates the practice of those licensees.

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